Another revelation (to me, anyway!)

I have blogging over at My Make Do and Mend Year for nearly 10 months now.

And I have spent at least 10 months wondering why everyone else’s pictures look so amazing and professional and lovely, while mine look very much like my 4 year old took them (in fact, some of them, he has…)

And then I discovered PicMonkey! A FREE photo-editing site, that allows you to edit your photos (funnily enough) and create cool collages, and add text and funny moustaches to your photos, and I am sure lots of other things that I am yet to discover.

So yet again, I am sure I am HUGELY behind the ball with this one, and you are probably all PicMonkey pros, but I thought I would share, for those of you who also missed that day at Blogging School (there is no blogging school by the way..)

You can do things like this:

PicMonkey Collage legoland

My collage of all the things I wanted to buy on our recent trip to Legoland, but couldn’t as we are Buying Nothing New..!

And this

My very amatuer-ish attempt. I'm sure you can all do MUCH better..!

My very amatuer-ish attempt. I’m sure you can all do MUCH better..!

Give it a go!


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