Lego Party-the invite

As I mentioned last time, we are deep in prep for a LEgo Party extravaganza.

And the first thing a party needs is friends to come to it.

So, we need an invite.

This is what hubby came up with when left home alone for an evening, with the camera, the computer and his Lego mini-figures collection.


And here are a few others I found on Pinterest:

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 07.27.35

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 07.30.58

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 07.33.38Click on the images to go to the websites to find out more, and read all about some of the awesome Lego parties that these chaps have had!

Pine cone spider

Every Monday we enjoy a lovely walk to our local library for story time. There’s plenty to see along the way, passing through the River Pinn Meadows and I love watching how curious my children are about the things they see. Over the last couple of weeks we’ve enjoyed studying the trees change colour and have collected pocketfuls of acorns and pine cones.

pine cones

I thought we should make something with them so searched for nature crafts on Pinterest and found some fun pine cone spiders. As well as pine cones we needed pipe cleaners for legs and googly eyes.

We twisted the pipe cleaners around the scales of the pine cone, underneath and around the other side to make the legs. We did this three times until we ran out of space. My son added a pair of googly eyes and we were done.

pine cone spider

A spooky pine cone spider, perfect for a nature loving boy.

jenny gingerbread

Lego Party

First of all, apologies for my slightly patchy posting. I finished My Make Do and Mend Year at the end of August, and was enjoying a bit of a break from blogging so much, I forgot about my posts here-sorry!

Anyway, back to it.

BigSmall is going to be FIVE, in a matter of weeks.
So we need a party.
A lego party to be precise.

Inevitably, I turned to Pinterest, and set up a Lego Party board

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 15.34.05

We are planning homemade lego invites, a cake, lots of lego games, and the beauty of it is, a jar of lego will make for a very good party bag!

Spicing up the mash

I find cooking the same meals each week quite tedious at times, balancing what I know the children will eat against how many times I can bear to make spaghetti bolognese in one month. So when a twist on a firm favourite comes along, I’m all for it. We do have mash quite often in our monthly repertoire, in various forms – shepherds pie, sausage and mash, fish pie to name a few. So when I saw the first Jamie Oliver programme (Save with Jamie), and he did a sweet pea mash fish pie, I tried it last week.

It was a big success, you don’t even need to boil the peas, just pour the hot water from the boiled potatoes over the peas so that they are defrosted enough to be zapped in a food processor/blender. Fold the peas into the mashed potato and use as you would the plain mash.

Sweet pea fish pie 1 Sweet pea fish pie 2Of course a search on Pinterest for ideas of other tasty twists for mash brings up a whole range of ideas; cinnamon and apple, celeriac, juniper and red lentil to name a few. What are your favourite mash combinations?

Cara Signature 2

Pinterest fail!

My children love to craft so we try to make something every day but lately we’ve been having lots of craft fails. We’ve tried a couple of things I’ve seen on Pinterest and I have to be honest, they were nothing like the pictures I’d pinned.

My son really enjoyed the latest Disney film called Planes. I found a fun craft on Pinterest, turning cardboard tubes into planes which I thought he would enjoy. My son had fun painting the tubes and we looked through our craft supplies to find the necessary pipe cleaners and googly eyes. Then we cut the tube to make wings and decorated them. But they just didn’t look like they were supposed to.

painting leaves

Yesterday following a walk in the park we tried painting with leaves, another craft I’d pinned. I’m not sure if it was the paint we used but we just made a colourful mess. The toddler was happy to be painting but I wanted our crafts to look like the image I pinned. What were we doing wrong?!

I was beginning to feel like I’d lost my crafting mojo until I thought of searching Pinterest for ‘Pinterest fail‘ to see if I was the only one.

I’m pleased to say I’m not. Thankfully there are hundreds of people out there who’ve pinned, tried and failed to make things. In fact I haven’t laughed so much in ages because they’ve shared pictures of their fails. People are so brave to share them that it made me feel much better that not everything I try always turns out right.

Pinterest fail

What about you? Ever had any Pinterest failures? If so, please feel free to share.

jenny gingerbread

Breakfast Fajitas

In my last post I showed you how to make Steak Fajitas, I had actually planned to use the steak for fajita’s for breakfast the next morning BUT my family enjoyed it so much that the entire steak was finished within 15 minutes. I had to switch things up a bit, but me, Mr. A and the kids enjoyed these for breakfast ūüôā

Take a tortilla, heat it in the oven for a few minutes…just enough to heat it, keep an eye on it because it will burn quickly.

Cook yourself a few sausages, an egg (one per fajita) and some cheddar cheese.

Slice your sausages and cheese and put all ingredients into your hot tortilla. Add a nice dollop of hot sauce (not on the kids of course) and wrap it all up and enjoy!!

Breakfast Fajitas

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Sorbetto Ta-Da!

Last week I posted about starting on the Sorbetto pattern for myself, after not sewing clothes for years. I’m delighted to say it turned out really well, so I can definitely recommend the pattern.

Sorbetto Top, Sorbetto Hack


I’m glad I used a hack version I mentioned last week and added the sleeves rather than keep it as a tank top. I’ve blogged the bits I found a bit tricky and will refer back to that when I do another one. I’ve got my eye on attempting a tunic/dress version of it, and in true Pinnaddicts style, I’ve got a Pinterest board started for ideas.

Washi tape coaster

I have a bit of an addiction to washi tape and it looks really pretty on a shelf but I know you can do so much with it. I’ve been trying to find fun projects so I can use it and have been adding to my washi tape Pinterest board.

I saw a great idea on Pinterest which was originally from washi tape crafts to  decorate a glass coaster or candle holder with washi tape. I have a couple of these, probably from Ikea, and thought it was a brilliant way to cheer them up a little.

washi tape coaster (1)

First of all I had a good look through my washi tapes to find colours which went well together, choosing plain black, and colourful dots on white. Then I laid them across the glass coaster, trimming the edges with a knife.

washi tape coaster (2)

When I had covered the whole coaster I applied a thin layer of  decopatch glue over the top to seal it.

washi tape coasterA lovely simple gift with endless possibilities.

jenny gingerbread

Dips & Homemade Chips

uses for leftover wraps

We love dips and tortilla chips in our house. I may even have been known to occasionally forego dinner for a dipping fest.

A new discovery of mine is homemade chips using leftover wraps. No matter how much I try to use up a complete packet of wraps, I always seem to be left with a couple just past their best. Well, no more. We now make use of the leftover wraps by chopping into triangles & frying in a teeny amount of sunflower oil (I never said this recipe was healthy!) A word of warning though, they only take seconds to cook & need to be kept moving all the time as they burn really easily. I cannot manage to keep more than 5 segments on the go at any one time.

Of course, with any homemade chips, a person needs dips. In my quest to eat mainly homemade foods, I turned to Pinterest and started a Chips & Dips board


From left to right, the dips that I have my eye on are Sun Dried Tomato & Pepper, Fresh English Pea Dip and for the sweet toothed amongst us, Caramel Toffee Dip.


Hello September!


So… the nights are drawing in and we can already feel a fresh nip in the air … FRESH… a word my partner likes to throw at me in the dead of winter when I say I am ABSOLUTELY FREEZING and he replies with ‘No… It’s just FRESH’


We do however have a FRESH new look on the site… what do ya’ll think?!! This amazing new look was conjured up by the wonderful Annie from Mammasaurus….. she is Fabulous, A total darling, and a design WHIZZ. If you’re looking for a new blog design I cannot stress enough over how much you should contact her… she’s affordable, so easy to work with and amazing. Are you getting the picture here?! Ha! Let us know what you think in the comments! ¬†You can tweet her here too: @mammasaurusblog¬†

So… apart from the much spoken about drop in temperature, there are loads of scrummy things about Autumn too…

Apple Pie ‘n Roses? Yes please!

Apple Pie Rosettes


Hot Cider…. Oh YEAH

hot cider


Wrap yourself up in a scarf… I’m a huge scarf lover… it hides all the… Bits.



Halloween happens. How COOL is this pumpkin carving?!!! ¬†I’m SO doing this!


Our nail colours get darker and because we’re snuggled on the couch more often, its the perfect time to glam up our talons!



Of course, cooler nights would be no fun without a little chocolate… I found this Coconut hot chocolate on pinterest. GET IN MY CUP!



What is YOUR favourite season? I’d love to know… tell me in the comments! Or direct me to your Pinterest board!

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