4th July Glittery Marshmallow Pops

Glittery Marshmallows

I do not have any US roots but I do love a celebration. This Thursday is American Independence Day, 4th July when Red, White and Blue are the colours of the day.

My glittery marshmallows are one of the quickest party treats I’ve ever made. I used large marshmallows and swished them through the steam from a boiling kettle until they were shiny with moisture. I then sprinkled blue edible glitter on one, and red on another. I suppose I could have sprinkled white glitter on the other one but my kids were too desperate to eat them to wait! Finish with a thin ribbon bow and I was done! They dry really quickly and could be bagged up for in a party bag or favour.

Pinterest as usual, has masses of ideas for party food with a red, white and blue theme. I want to make them all! Amazing that you start looking for one thing and so quickly find an obsession for something else …

I’m intrigued by these Rice Krispie treats:

and will definitely have to have a go at these Oreo Cookie Pops:

I’ve got plenty of red, white and blue goodies on my 4th July/Independence Day Board. What about you, do you celebrate the 4th July or do you have any red, white & blue treats in your repertoire?



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