St David’s Day crafts

This Saturday sees us celebrate the feast day of Saint David, the patron saint of Wales, which falls on 1 March each year. I don’t think you have to be Welsh to enjoy everything that is great about Welsh history and culture 🙂

My Pinterest stream has been full of colourful daffodils and leeks, both of which are national emblems of Wales. According to Wikipedia the flower is a generic Welsh symbol and is in season in March. The leek is Saint David’s personal symbol. Both can be worn by those celebrating St David’s Day.

handprint flowerWe’ve had fun trying out some of the crafts we’ve saved to our St David’s Day Pinterest board. Our favourite was a fun handprint daffodil which has really brightened up our craft space. On previous occasions we’ve also had fun making pretty daffodil biscuits and paper daffodil bunting.

This year for the first time we made our own Welsh cakes together. They were really simple to make and easy enough for my children to get involved too. You can find the recipe and method over on my blog.


I also found felt leek badges, recipes for Bara brith and adorable Welsh lady bunting. What will you be making this year?



30 minute Dinner Rolls – No rise time!

I’m on the 30 Day Shred workout programme. Me. Who NEVER exercises and whimpers at the thought of flexing a muscle.

I’m on Day 17, and I freaking LOVE it! I’ve totally shocked myself at my commitment to it. I have 2 stone to lose to get back to ‘pre-child’ weight and although my progress is slow, I’m losing steadily every week.

So, to the point.

Last night I whipped up Jillian’s vegetable soup but was CRAVING a little bit of dough in my life. So I pinsearched ‘Quick no mix dinner rolls’ and came up with these beauties to have with our soup.

They literally took 30 mins from Start to Finish. No rise time. No faffing around with dough hooks. Just chuck the ingredients in a bowl and mix for 2 minutes with a wooden spoon.


I found the original recipe here over on the Chocolate & Chilli’s blog – pure yummyness here people!

I omitted the extra pinch of salt because I found that the mayo makes them salty enough 🙂

Quick Dinner Rolls:

2 cups all-purpose flour plus a pinch of salt (You could use wholeweat flour too)
3 tsp baking powder
4 tbsp light mayonnaise
1 cup milk
1 tsp sugar
1/4 tsp salt

Preheat oven to 400 F.  Grease a muffin tin.

In a large bowl add all the ingredients and mix with a wooden spoon for about 2 minutes.  Fill the prepared muffin tin 2/3 full.  Bake for 10-12 minutes.

Srsly. They’re THAT easy. And so yummy with a big ol’ pot of soup.




If this has taught me one thing. It’s that I need a new muffin pan. No amount of cropping or PicMonkey is going to hide that cretin of a pan!

If you try these out,  post a pic on our Facebook page so we can have a nosey!


Dips & Homemade Chips

uses for leftover wraps

We love dips and tortilla chips in our house. I may even have been known to occasionally forego dinner for a dipping fest.

A new discovery of mine is homemade chips using leftover wraps. No matter how much I try to use up a complete packet of wraps, I always seem to be left with a couple just past their best. Well, no more. We now make use of the leftover wraps by chopping into triangles & frying in a teeny amount of sunflower oil (I never said this recipe was healthy!) A word of warning though, they only take seconds to cook & need to be kept moving all the time as they burn really easily. I cannot manage to keep more than 5 segments on the go at any one time.

Of course, with any homemade chips, a person needs dips. In my quest to eat mainly homemade foods, I turned to Pinterest and started a Chips & Dips board


From left to right, the dips that I have my eye on are Sun Dried Tomato & Pepper, Fresh English Pea Dip and for the sweet toothed amongst us, Caramel Toffee Dip.


Things to do with Scrabble sets!

I haven’t played Scrabble for years but that hasn’t stopped me collecting Scrabble sets. You can pick up sets of all ages in charity shops and the Scrabble tiles look great displayed in glass jars, both the plastic and card tiles, and I’ve even kept the letter holders too!

As usual there’s tons of inspiration on Pinterest for upcycling Scrabble sets. Each part can be used to make something new.

You can re-use scrabble tiles to make door signs, for a place setting, a drinks coaster or decoration.

scrabble tile sign

The letter holders can be recycled into fun little shelves, just the right size for to display a photograph or book.

scrabble tile shelf

I’ve even see the game board turned into the cover of a blank notebook.

scrabble book

I keep seeing scrabble tiles everywhere, from cushion covers to fridge magnets. How about making some edible Scrabble tile biscuits? I tried making them for Father’s Day and although they were fiddly they were fun.

scrabble tile biscuits

I love giving old things new purpose. How about you?

I can see a Rainbow

Smarties rainbow cupcakes

My middle daughter jumped over the rainbow last week. For those people who haven’t got a clue what I’m on about, this is when a child leaves the Rainbow brigade ready for starting Brownies. Everything gets very symbolic, they are welcomed by their new Brown Owl and are cheered over the Rainbow by their fellow Rainbows. In true style, my Violet (her real name, not just a Rainbow pseudonym) decided to almost fly over the rainbow and kick it over.

But the fun didn’t stop there. Each Rainbow that was leaving had to organise their own bit of a party – Which meant that my job was to bake 36 cupcakes with a Rainbow theme.

It had to be a very quick job as we were also going to our eldest’s leavers assembly that night so I turned to mini Smarties.

The most time consuming part was organising each colour into ramekins. I attached the Smarties to the fondant with sugar glue (a bit of cool boiled water and icing sugar made really runny will do). I was actually quite pleased with the cakes considering I had about 1 hour to decorate them from start to finish.

There are tons of other Rainbow inspired baking projects on my Pinterest board – some would definitely take more than an hour!

Birth Announcements Cakes for the new Prince

It's a Boy Cake

Well, we have a Royal Baby. Within the last hour, the announcement has been made that the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge have a son. No names yet but we already know he will be known as the Prince of Cambridge.

It doesn’t take much for me to find an excuse for a cake and birth announcements are no exception. I’ve scoured Pinterest and there are some brilliant (and some not so brilliant but good for a laugh) cakes. As usual, I’ve compiled a Pinterest Board with a selection of the birth announcement cakes out there.

I’ve focused on It’s a Boy cakes – you know, just in case Kate happens to be tootling about on the internet when she’s doing that 3am feed and needs inspiration.

I thought the cake with a crown was particularly apt for a new Prince.

I also liked these two cakes – both very different. The woodland themed cake is great for those who want a change from the traditional blue or pink.


Not wanting to leave out the girls though – I came across this hilarious cake for someone who doesn’t get what they expect. I actually know someone who spent months preparing for a girl, decorated the nursery, bought tons of stuff only to have a boy. Oops!

So much for a boy cake