Toilet roll stars

How are you all getting on with your plans for Christmas? I’m pleased to say I’m pretty much done which is the way I like it. I spend all November shopping and planning so I can really enjoy December and all the fun festivities. My son has fully embraced the festive season (he’s only 3) and we’ve been enjoying crafting together.

We’ve made hand print angel toppers for his Christmas tree, tried our hand at handmade stamps and wrapping paper, a craft stick Christmas tree and made some sweet smelling dried orange slices for our tree. I’ve also tried some more grown up decorations, such as a tree from vintage rulers, clothes peg snowflake and even hand stencilled some gifts.

Our latest offering is toilet roll stars. It amazes me how many things you can do with toilet roll tubes but this is one of my favourites, inspired by something I saw on Pinterest. I cut a tube into thin slices and made a hole through the centre of each slice with a bradawl, fixing the three layers together with a split pin. Then my son got busy with the paint and stickers. We spray painted some gold, I wrapped one with red wool and he decorated the rest in his own way.

toilet roll stars

You can easily hang them on a tree by adding a little loop through one of the slices.

toilet roll decoration



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