Christmas tree garland

It’s not an understatement to say our entire household is sick right now. We’ve been coughing and sneezing for the past week and not really feeling very festive at all. However my son has his first Christmas play at school this afternoon and fingers crossed that will make us all feel a bit more Christmassy.

Luckily we started our Christmas crafting a while ago so we have lots of half-finished projects that need a tweak. This morning I finished off a Christmas tree garland made from paper plates. My son had fun seeing the project come together.

First of all he painted 4 paper plates with green paint. After they had dried I cut them into four and he decorated each one with a selection of festive stickers.

christmas tree garland

Then I hung them on a piece of ribbon with small clips. They’re currently in his bedroom where he’s been hanging all the decorations he’s made.

christmas tree garland (1)

It’s a sweet little garland which he’s pretty proud of. What have you all been making?



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