(Nearly) No Sew Nativity Costume

Hello again Pinaddicts!
Apologies for the radio silence and the distinct lack of posting-things have been a bit tough in the Make Do and Mend household for a bit, but I am back on it now 🙂

In case you hadn’t noticed, it is that time of year-Christmas.
And the need for Nativity Costumes to be merrily whipped up at the drop of a hat.
Being a devout Make Do and Mender, when BigSmall was appointed the role of The InnKeeper in last year’s Pre-School Nativity, I managed to whip up this costume,


at no cost and with very little effort, and in case you need to do the same, here’s how:

  • Take an old sheet, and fold it in half. Cut it to a reasonable size/length for your Small person, and then cut a semicircle in the middle of the folded edge to make a head hole. You can then try it on and adjust the length if necessary (obviously you can’t make it longer if it’s too short, so err on the side of caution when first cutting it..). Use a bit of string/cord to make a belt around the middle, et voila!
  • The cape/cloak is from an old curtain out of my fabric stash. Again, I cut a rectangle, and then folded over about 2-3cm along the top edge, and stitched this down to make a casing for some ribbon. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you could easily do this by hand, or I guess you could also use iron on hemming tape, just as long as you can leave a channel for the ribbon to go. Then put a safety pin into one end of a length of ribbon, and gently feed this through the channel that you have made. Ta da! A cloak!
  • The beard was made from some fluffy material we got from the Scrapstore, held on by a piece of elastic, but good old cotton wool would also have sufficed, if you had glued it to a card backing
  • And then, all topped off with the obligatory tea towel headdress!

Easy peasy! It took less than half an hour. And it was free. Yay!

This year, in his first year at Big School, he is……..
A Bluebird!????!!!
Let’s see how we get on with that one-will keep you posted 🙂



One thought on “(Nearly) No Sew Nativity Costume

  1. That’s so cute! My son is a sleepy shepherd and he would have been wearing his dressing gown and a tea towel if I hadn’t found a brilliant shepherds outfit in our local Oxfam 🙂

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