Elf on the Shelf craft ideas

Is any one joining in with the Elf on the Shelf this year? Last year I saw lots of people mentioning them so decided to invest in one for our family. My children seem to like the idea that he watches them every day before reporting back to Father Christmas about their behaviour. It’s too early to say if he has a positive impact but I’ll let you know!

Although it’s only the third day of December I wanted to know what adventures our elf could have so I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration. I love this printable for Elf Photo Booth Props, I think my children will like these.

elf props

How about creating a little door for your elf?

elf door

There are even Elf apps!

elf apps

I don’t seem to have much spare time in December but these clothes for your Elf are pretty cute and everyone needs a change of clothes in case of accidents 🙂

elf clothes

As usual there are tons of things of Pinterest to do with your Elf. All the above are pinned to my Elf on the Shelf fun Pinterest board. Do let me know if you’re joining in the fun!

jenny sig


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