Finger print snowmen

Over the weekend I was searching Pinterest for some Christmas crafting ideas. My 3 year old is really keen to make decorations so I was trying to find something suitable. He loves getting his hands messy with paint so I thought finger print snowmen would be fun.

He covered one hand with silver paint and placed it on a sheet of back paper.


He managed to do this twice before his excitement got the better of him and he went crazy with the paint. Yep, there was paint everywhere! I put our sheets of paper to one side to dry and let him carry on….

finger painting

When our hand print was dry we chose some things from our craft drawer to decorate them – googly eyes, wool for scarves and craft foam for carrot noses.

Then my son went to work decorating his snowmen. We had a chat about snowmen as he doesn’t really remember snow or snowmen but he did a great job. What do you think? I think some hats would definitely finish them off – and stop them looking a bit like penguins!

finger print snowmen

I have pinned some similar crafts to my hand and feet Pinterest board but I’m always on the look out for more ideas. If you think of any then please let me know.



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