Doggie Banana Popsicles

My doggies are as much a part of the family as anyone else so of course I like to make them “Ice cream.”

My daughter loves bananas, but we usually end up with 1 or 2 that start to go black so she won’t touch them.

I take the bananas and mush them up as much as possible, add a touch of agave (or sugar if you like but agave is much better) a little apple juice and mix it all together. I put them in dixie cups so they are easier to get out. After they are set in the freezer for about 10 minutes you can add something to hold them with. I have realized that plastic spoons that the kids use are the best to hold them.

The dogs go CRAZY over these things, they sit by my side while I make them and my oldest dog Duke likes to sit by the freezer until they are done. It’s the cutest thing.

Here is a pic of L telling them to sit before they get their treat.

If you try them please let me know how your dogs liked them! You can’t really mess up this recipe, I didn’t give you exact measurements because its more of whatever consistency you want.

You can also add some oats, apples, strawberries ect…


Feeding the dogs

Doggie Popsicles



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