Pre-school snowflakes

My son is really enjoying our Christmas preparations. His nursery is doing a little show and he is excitedly singing carols around the house. One night over the weekend he slept really badly and was up early so I thought some painting would cheer him up.

I looked through my Christmas craft Pinterest boards and found a really simple snowflake decoration which looked fun. I found a cheap canvas board I had previously bought in Tiger, my favourite shop for affordable craft supplies. I made a snowflake shape with washi tape then let my toddler loose with a pot of gold coloured paint.

Pre-school snowflakes

He really enjoyed covering the canvas in paint and as it was so big I didn’t need to worry about him getting paint anywhere. We left the canvas to dry overnight and the next day carefully peeled the washi tape off. We were left with a sweet piece of pre-school art which my little boy is really proud of.


He’s constantly asking to make more Christmas decorations so I’d better get back to Pinterest for some more ideas!



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