Washi tape Christmas decorations

I’m not sure why I feel the need to apologise for writing about Christmas today but I do. As a crafty person I love to start my Christmas preparations early so the beginning of November means I turn to my Pinterest boards and start planning. I know I’m not the only one as my Pinterest stream is full of ideas.

My washi tape collection is on constant display in our house so I thought I would look for some fun ways to incorporate it with our Christmas decorations. Oh my, there is so much inspiration.

We’ve all seen how washi tape can be used on cards, wrapping paper and gift tags but how about a washi tape Christmas tree? I would love to make one on our walls but there is precious little wall space in our home! Something smaller though, such as a washi tape Christmas garland, Christmas candle holders, Christmas wreath or baubles would be ideal. Take a look at my washi tape Christmas Pinterest board for more fun ideas.

I decided to make a washi tape tree for a table decoration. I used a white styrofoam cone and covered it with one type of washi tape. I started from the top and covered it in long strips, just tearing off at the bottom and folding it underneath. It’s a really simple decoration but I’m pretty pleased with it and will definitely be looking out for some different sized cones to make more.

washi tape tree

Today is the last day to win 3 rolls of washi tape on my blog so pop over if you’re feeling lucky!

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