No carve pumpkins

The pumpkin season is upon us and we have bought a couple to decorate our house for Halloween. We’ve moved house since last Halloween so yesterday was spent looking for our pumpkin carving kit, to no avail. Instead we got crafty with what we already had for easy no-carve pumpkins!

First up was sticky backed craft foam which we’ve had for ages. I wasn’t sure how we could use it but it looks great on our pumpkin. I cut out the shapes and let my children remove the paper backing and position them where they liked.

pumpkin (1)

We also had fun with washi tape which is a great alternative to craft foam. We experimented with a couple of different colours but found the darker colours worked best. We created a crooked mouth with teeth and added sticky eyes to finish the face off.


Finally we went to decorate our munchkins. We couldn’t decide between the googly eyes or the sticky eyes but my children eventually plumped for the sticky eyes as they’re a recent purchase. The munchkins were obviously small which meant less room to play around with but they look great with eyes.


I’ve seen some fantastic no-carve pumpkin ideas on Pinterest. How about using decopatch paper or mod podge autumnal leaves onto your pumpkin? Check out my growing Pinterest board for some fun inspiration!

the gingerbread house blog



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