Junk modelling – half term entertainment

Half term is so close you can almost smell it now. I know my children are ready for a bit of downtime. We’ve got a mix of days at home and days out planned. To ensure that we don’t spend all the days at home watching back to back Scooby-Doo I’ve been keeping some recycling to one side ready for a bit of junk modelling.

I’ve got random bits and bobs that they can use to make anything they like, but I’ve also kept some specific items to make these:

Junk modellingI’m sure most of you have already seen the Elmer, made from a large milk carton. If you use PVA glue mixed with a bit of water it is really easy to get the tissue squares to stick to the carton. Give it a good wash of PVA afterwards too, so it seals all the paper. You could add lots more embellishments and some paper ears too.

The second one, is from a yoghurt corner carton. This is really fun as the children can put their hands in the back of the top and bottom of the carton and get the dog to woof or talk. You hardly need anything else to make this, just some coloured paper, black permanent pen and glue. you could even get them to colour their own tongue/ears on white paper.

So keep hold of those toilet rolls, egg boxes, milk cartons and yoghurt pots this week – you can transform them into treasure next week.

If you’re looking for further ideas then just put JUNK MODELLING into the search in Pinterst – a whole world of inspiration.

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