Feed the birds!

I bet you didn’t know that it’s Feed the Birds Day on October 24th!? That gives you plenty of time to stock up on some extra bird food. We thought we would have some fun with the bird feed and hopefully make an interesting meal for our feathered friends.

You will need:

an empty cardboard tube

bird seed

peanut butter

bakers twine

homemade bird feeder

The first step is to cover an empty cardboard tube in peanut butter. We chose chunky peanut butter and used a knife to spread it over the tube. You may need to press quite hard to make sure it sticks to the cardboard and you get an even cover. Spread the bird seed on a tray or bread board and carefully roll the tube in the seed, make sure the peanut butter is covered.

homemade bird feeder (1)

Get a decent length of bakers twine or string and thread it through the tube, tie a knot in the two ends and hang on  branch.

homemade bird feeder (2)

My children loved this and I think it’s a great craft for children of all ages. They were happy to sit and watch for the birds to come and have a feast which kept them quiet for at least 5 minutes too. Great for Feed the Birds Day or any day!

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