How to make jelly worms

Always on the look out for some quick and easy crafts to occupy my children, we thought we’d try and make wriggly jelly worms, which we’ve seen on Pinterest and are perfect for a Halloween party. This was fun but messy and I recommend taking your time with it.

The first stage was to mix up the jelly. We used two packs of jelly cubes which we melted in hot water, before topping up with cold water.

mixing jelly

I bought a pack of 100 straws, straightened them out (to give the jelly worms a realistic texture) and placed them in a coffee pot, which was the only container I could find which was tall enough to hold them! I poured in the jelly mixture so it filled about two thirds of the straws, then placed it in the fridge to set.

jelly straws

I have to be honest and say it took a while to set but you can add extra gelatine if you’re in a hurry or more cold water. We then squeezed out the jelly, straw by straw. It was quite a slow process until we read that you could dip the straws in hot water to make them slide out quicker. This part was messy but the children thought it was hilarious, and were happy to gobble up a bowl full of jelly worms.

bowl of jelly worms

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