Make your own mummies

Yay, it’s October which means we can start to get excited about Halloween crafts! My Pinterest stream is full of some great ideas which I’ve been busy pinning, hoping to keep my children occupied now the weather is cooler.

My toddler loves any craft which involves a cardboard tube. The first thing he said to me this morning was something about painting tubes and turning them into cars – not what you need at 6.50am!

Anyway, we used some old cardboard tubes, printed photos of the children faces, found a roll of bandages and set to work.

Cut out a face from your photograph and use some sellotape to keep in place on the cardboard tube. Wrap the bandage around the tube and the edges of the photograph, making sure you keep the eyes clear. Secure the end of the bandage in place with sellotape and you have created your very own Egyptian mummies.

Halloween craft

Anyone else excited about Halloween crafting and baking or is it far too early?

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