Spicing up the mash

I find cooking the same meals each week quite tedious at times, balancing what I know the children will eat against how many times I can bear to make spaghetti bolognese in one month. So when a twist on a firm favourite comes along, I’m all for it. We do have mash quite often in our monthly repertoire, in various forms – shepherds pie, sausage and mash, fish pie to name a few. So when I saw the first Jamie Oliver programme (Save with Jamie), and he did a sweet pea mash fish pie, I tried it last week.

It was a big success, you don’t even need to boil the peas, just pour the hot water from the boiled potatoes over the peas so that they are defrosted enough to be zapped in a food processor/blender. Fold the peas into the mashed potato and use as you would the plain mash.

Sweet pea fish pie 1 Sweet pea fish pie 2Of course a search on Pinterest for ideas of other tasty twists for mash brings up a whole range of ideas; cinnamon and apple, celeriac, juniper and red lentil to name a few. What are your favourite mash combinations?

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One thought on “Spicing up the mash

  1. When my boys were small and could not be persuaded or bribed to eat any type of veg I used to mash carrot and swede into the potato. Because of the colour they christened it Incredibles mash after the film. Although they are now teenagers they still request it at mealtimes!!!

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