Pinterest fail!

My children love to craft so we try to make something every day but lately we’ve been having lots of craft fails. We’ve tried a couple of things I’ve seen on Pinterest and I have to be honest, they were nothing like the pictures I’d pinned.

My son really enjoyed the latest Disney film called Planes. I found a fun craft on Pinterest, turning cardboard tubes into planes which I thought he would enjoy. My son had fun painting the tubes and we looked through our craft supplies to find the necessary pipe cleaners and googly eyes. Then we cut the tube to make wings and decorated them. But they just didn’t look like they were supposed to.

painting leaves

Yesterday following a walk in the park we tried painting with leaves, another craft I’d pinned. I’m not sure if it was the paint we used but we just made a colourful mess. The toddler was happy to be painting but I wanted our crafts to look like the image I pinned. What were we doing wrong?!

I was beginning to feel like I’d lost my crafting mojo until I thought of searching Pinterest for ‘Pinterest fail‘ to see if I was the only one.

I’m pleased to say I’m not. Thankfully there are hundreds of people out there who’ve pinned, tried and failed to make things. In fact I haven’t laughed so much in ages because they’ve shared pictures of their fails. People are so brave to share them that it made me feel much better that not everything I try always turns out right.

Pinterest fail

What about you? Ever had any Pinterest failures? If so, please feel free to share.

jenny gingerbread


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