Sorbetto Ta-Da!

Last week I posted about starting on the Sorbetto pattern for myself, after not sewing clothes for years. I’m delighted to say it turned out really well, so I can definitely recommend the pattern.

Sorbetto Top, Sorbetto Hack


I’m glad I used a hack version I mentioned last week and added the sleeves rather than keep it as a tank top. I’ve blogged the bits I found a bit tricky and will refer back to that when I do another one. I’ve got my eye on attempting a tunic/dress version of it, and in true Pinnaddicts style, I’ve got a Pinterest board started for ideas.


3 thoughts on “Sorbetto Ta-Da!

    • Your problem Louise, will be narrowing down your choice of fabric ;0) It didn’t take that long at all really, once I got going. I just kept getting interrupted by things like feeding kids, homework etc I liked the muted dandelion fabric you posted – Petite Street Flowers? That would suit it perfectly x

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