Washi tape coaster

I have a bit of an addiction to washi tape and it looks really pretty on a shelf but I know you can do so much with it. I’ve been trying to find fun projects so I can use it and have been adding to my washi tape Pinterest board.

I saw a great idea on Pinterest which was originally from washi tape crafts to  decorate a glass coaster or candle holder with washi tape. I have a couple of these, probably from Ikea, and thought it was a brilliant way to cheer them up a little.

washi tape coaster (1)

First of all I had a good look through my washi tapes to find colours which went well together, choosing plain black, and colourful dots on white. Then I laid them across the glass coaster, trimming the edges with a knife.

washi tape coaster (2)

When I had covered the whole coaster I applied a thin layer of  decopatch glue over the top to seal it.

washi tape coasterA lovely simple gift with endless possibilities.

jenny gingerbread


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