Dips & Homemade Chips

uses for leftover wraps

We love dips and tortilla chips in our house. I may even have been known to occasionally forego dinner for a dipping fest.

A new discovery of mine is homemade chips using leftover wraps. No matter how much I try to use up a complete packet of wraps, I always seem to be left with a couple just past their best. Well, no more. We now make use of the leftover wraps by chopping into triangles & frying in a teeny amount of sunflower oil (I never said this recipe was healthy!) A word of warning though, they only take seconds to cook & need to be kept moving all the time as they burn really easily. I cannot manage to keep more than 5 segments on the go at any one time.

Of course, with any homemade chips, a person needs dips. In my quest to eat mainly homemade foods, I turned to Pinterest and started a Chips & Dips board


From left to right, the dips that I have my eye on are Sun Dried Tomato & Pepper, Fresh English Pea Dip and for the sweet toothed amongst us, Caramel Toffee Dip.



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