Free Jam!

Given that Kerry and Louise have dubbed me “Mrs Thrifty”, I thought I would share with you my recipe for (practically) Free Jam.

First of all, you need to talk nicely to a friend/neighbour, or go out ‘scrumping’ (stealing) apples.


Then, you need to go Blackberrying



To make the jam, you need 500g of blackberries, 500g of cooking apples, peeled and chopped, the juice of a small lemon, and 1kg of jam sugar.

Put the blackberries and apples in a pan with the lemon juice, and 100ml of water, and simmer gently over a medium heat until tender.

Add the sugar, bring to the boil, and boil rapidly for approximately 5-10 minutes, until it reaches the setting point.


Cool for an hour our before potting in sterilised jars,


And then sit back and enjoy the fruits of your foraging and frugality 🙂


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