Fill Your House for Free

Did you see it?
There was a brilliant series with the Queen of Crafting Kirstie Allsopp, on Channel 4, called Fill Your House for Free, where she basically did up people’s houses on a shoestring, using ‘pre-loved’ bits (and a couple of amazing designers…).
It is possibly a little bit cruel/pointless to tell you about it now if you missed it, but you can always catch up on 4OD.

I am inspired.
Even more inspired than I was before about Buying Nothing New, and now I want to do up my whole house.
Hubby is less excited…

They did some pretty crazy upcycles, like chairs from bath tubs,

bath tub chair

and coffee tables from car engines, but there was some more acheivable stuff too.
The over-riding message was that you can do up your house for a fraction of the price, and with significantly less environmental impact, by avoiding the likes of Ikea, and B&Q, and Next, and heading off to your local auction house, or having a look on your local Freegle site, which I think is a brilliant message.

For those of you who have not yet discovered Freegle (or Freecycle, or any similar sites), you need to. It will change your life.
People give stuff away.
Sometimes little things, but sometimes really crazy things, like TVs, and washing machines.
You can search for your local group, and then away you go.

And if you like the sound of that, then here is the link to a blog post I did a while back, with a list of sites for free stuff.


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