Have you tried English Paper Piecing?

Did you see the post from Jen at Gingerbread Mum showing her English Paper Piecing quilt? I’d heard and seen lots about this method of quilting but always thought it sounded like lots of hard work and quite tricky.

However, I was tempted to give it a try when I picked up a little pack of ready cut out hexagons including the papers in Liberty’s. Lots of lovely Liberty prints and a lazy way to trial a new craft.English Paper Piecing Blog 2

It’s really easy to get going, you just need to hand fold and stitch around your chosen shape (you’re not limited to hexagons). I saw a method that started off with a paperclip and then you just fold the next side over the top, then keep the fold secure with a rough baste stitch, paying particular attention to the fold. There is a great photo tutorial here.

English Paper Piecing Blog 1

Once you have whip stitched all your hexies together you can give the fabric a light pressing and then remove all the baste stitches and the papers. You are left with a patchwork fabric that you can turn into all manner of items. Quilts, pincushions, wallhangings, cushions and you can even do things in miniature and make a tiny clasp purse from very small hexies.

Click for Source

Click for Source

I’ve started a Pinterest Board (of course), with some more great resources for my new hobby (obsession/addiction). It’s a great craft to do on the go, or in a group as it doesn’t take much concentration and it takes shape very quickly. I’d love to see any items people have made using this method, do share.

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4 thoughts on “Have you tried English Paper Piecing?

  1. I love the fabrics ๐Ÿ™‚

    My mum taught me this technique and I much prefer it to machine patchwork.

    I find handstitching quite relaxing And it means I can fudge it a bit if it isn’t exactly acurate.

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