Things to do with Scrabble sets!

I haven’t played Scrabble for years but that hasn’t stopped me collecting Scrabble sets. You can pick up sets of all ages in charity shops and the Scrabble tiles look great displayed in glass jars, both the plastic and card tiles, and I’ve even kept the letter holders too!

As usual there’s tons of inspiration on Pinterest for upcycling Scrabble sets. Each part can be used to make something new.

You can re-use scrabble tiles to make door signs, for a place setting, a drinks coaster or decoration.

scrabble tile sign

The letter holders can be recycled into fun little shelves, just the right size for to display a photograph or book.

scrabble tile shelf

I’ve even see the game board turned into the cover of a blank notebook.

scrabble book

I keep seeing scrabble tiles everywhere, from cushion covers to fridge magnets. How about making some edible Scrabble tile biscuits? I tried making them for Father’s Day and although they were fiddly they were fun.

scrabble tile biscuits

I love giving old things new purpose. How about you?


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