How to get an orchid to re-bloom

The moth orchid is one of my favourite flowers and they are available quite cheaply from supermarkets and even IKEA. I’ve had them in the past and have never got them to re-bloom. After receiving one in October for my 40th, I did a bit of research on how to get them to re-bloom.

How to get an orchid to re-bloom

After it has just about finished flowering is the time to strike.

You need to cut the flower stem(s) about half an inch above the second nodule from the bottom of the stem. Use sharp sterile scissors or knife to make the cut. You then need to ensure that no infection can get into the stem by sealing it. You can use a special horticultural type steriliser or in true Pinterest style you can use a paste that is made from a bit of water and powdered cinnamon!

You can guess which method I used, I’m sure! Well I’m delighted to say that my plan paid off and a new stem started to emerge. You need to keep it trained up against a support whilst it is shooting for the sky and then stand back and enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “How to get an orchid to re-bloom

  1. Thank you for this, my orchid has been what I thought dead for about 9 months, I was just about to throw it out when I saw a new stem growing-I will use this next time and hopefully I won’t have to wait so long!

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