Hama time!

I’ve been obsessed with pinning projects using hama beads lately. Hama beads come in three sizes and can be arranged on peg boards to make patterns. My toddler has been experimenting with Hama maxi beads (which are twice the size of normal beads) and that’s made me want to make my own things with the smaller midi beads. I haven’t used them since I was much younger but it’s fun!

My Pinterest board is filling up nicely and I’ve already tried a few things. First of all I made a cute little Snow White for my daughter who’s just starting to like Disney Princesses.

hama Snow White

The toddler wanted minions thanks to the latest Despicable Me film. He also got a set of colourful moustaches as he’s recently learned that word and loves it!

hama moustache

My experimenting has not always turned out how I thought it would. I tried melting a small number of hama beads on a baking tray  as I had a seen a great tutorial for melting hama beads and making them into a bracelet. The first time I tried it I didn’t use any greaseproof paper….you can probably guess what happened!

The second time I tried it I did use some greaseproof paper but I put too many beads on and they all stuck together as they melted.

The third time I used greaseproof paper and carefully placed the beads on their flat ends. I’m pleased to say they melted beautifully, both flattening and growing bigger, perfect for threading onto some elastic for a colourful bracelet.

melted hama

Check out my Hama bead love Pinterest board for lots more pinspiration!

jenny gingerbread


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