Summer Holiday Sanity Savers

In between the organised play dates and days out over the summer do you ever find yourself needing an activity or a distraction for a moment to maybe get the next meal sorted or just to have a sit down and a cuppa?

How about some of these ideas?

Decorate the inside of a cardboard box – you’ve got to see the other photos for this post at Berry Sweet Baby blog. Ideal for a wet play day.

Click image for source

Click image for source

If the sun is shining one of my favourite things to get the kids to do is paint the pavement/fence/wall – anything really as I give them a bucket of water and some brushes. Keeps them entertained long enough for that kettle to boil.

Other simple water play for toddlers is getting them to transfer water from one container to another – with a sponge. This How We Montesori site has some lovely ideas.

Click image for source

For older children how about getting them to make simple cardboard tents – recreating a campsite or festival. This lovely art installation from Anna-Marie Bush had us planning our campsite including a stream and a horse in a neighbouring field!

Click image for source

Click image for source

If all else fails then let toilet roll tubes be your friend. ENDLESS possibilities with all the rolls, from simply letting them build them up pyramid style to decorating with paint/felt tips/sticking paper to them. We save our lollipop sticks and use them to add a little monster/animal/person to then pop up out of a toilet roll tube.

Pinterest is full of amazing craft ideas – use this search link for inspiration. One of my favourites was from a site dedicated to toilet paper craft – TPCraft


Click image for source

Click image for source

So, I’ve shared my lazy activities, what are your favourite ‘grab five minutes’ distractors? I may need them we are only on week one of six ;0)

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3 thoughts on “Summer Holiday Sanity Savers

  1. Thanks for the links, I know I will be visiting them over the next 5 weeks!! Saw a post the other day where friends had arranged a grab bag swap. They each made 10 identical bags for 2-4 year old with an activity in, they then swapped so each had 10 different bags and activities. Great idea:)

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