I can see a Rainbow

Smarties rainbow cupcakes

My middle daughter jumped over the rainbow last week. For those people who haven’t got a clue what I’m on about, this is when a child leaves the Rainbow brigade ready for starting Brownies. Everything gets very symbolic, they are welcomed by their new Brown Owl and are cheered over the Rainbow by their fellow Rainbows. In true style, my Violet (her real name, not just a Rainbow pseudonym) decided to almost fly over the rainbow and kick it over.

But the fun didn’t stop there. Each Rainbow that was leaving had to organise their own bit of a party – Which meant that my job was to bake 36 cupcakes with a Rainbow theme.

It had to be a very quick job as we were also going to our eldest’s leavers assembly that night so I turned to mini Smarties.

The most time consuming part was organising each colour into ramekins. I attached the Smarties to the fondant with sugar glue (a bit of cool boiled water and icing sugar made really runny will do). I was actually quite pleased with the cakes considering I had about 1 hour to decorate them from start to finish.

There are tons of other Rainbow inspired baking projects on my Pinterest board – some would definitely take more than an hour!


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