London Underground crafts

At the beginning of the year my family set ourselves a challenge to visit all the stations on London Underground. We didn’t give ourselves a time frame as the Underground isn’t exactly pushchair friendly but we’ve been enjoying taking the tube and leaping out to take our photos next to the station signs! Crazy but fun!

I’ve been on the look out for some London Underground crafts and I found some brilliant ones for rainy days. For adults, how about a cross stitch map of the Underground? For toddlers I’ve found thumbprint trains, craft stick signals and cardboard tube trains. I have a London Underground Crafts Pinterest board if you’d like to see more.

Last week I made my train-mad son his own London Underground t-shirt to wear on our train-spotting jaunts. I made a paper template based on the Underground roundel, fixed it in place with washi tape and painted on to a blank t-shirt in three stages – the circle in red, the rectangle in dark blue, adding his name in white. I ironed each layer to fix the paint.

london underground tshirt

It only took an evening and he liked it enough to wear it train spotting the next day.

london underground tshirt (1)

jenny gingerbread


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