Birth Announcements Cakes for the new Prince

It's a Boy Cake

Well, we have a Royal Baby. Within the last hour, the announcement has been made that the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge have a son. No names yet but we already know he will be known as the Prince of Cambridge.

It doesn’t take much for me to find an excuse for a cake and birth announcements are no exception. I’ve scoured Pinterest and there are some brilliant (and some not so brilliant but good for a laugh) cakes. As usual, I’ve compiled a Pinterest Board with a selection of the birth announcement cakes out there.

I’ve focused on It’s a Boy cakes – you know, just in case Kate happens to be tootling about on the internet when she’s doing that 3am feed and needs inspiration.

I thought the cake with a crown was particularly apt for a new Prince.

I also liked these two cakes – both very different. The woodland themed cake is great for those who want a change from the traditional blue or pink.


Not wanting to leave out the girls though – I came across this hilarious cake for someone who doesn’t get what they expect. I actually know someone who spent months preparing for a girl, decorated the nursery, bought tons of stuff only to have a boy. Oops!

So much for a boy cake


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