Teacher teacher

OK, so it’s that time of year.

Gifts for teacher, or as our American cousins say “Teacher Appreciation Gifts”.

I never remember this being a ‘thing’ when I was at school, and maybe it isn’t by the time you reach secondary school and have a bazillion different teachers for all the different subjects, but BigSmall is just about to ‘graduate’ Pre-School, and I get the feeling that an apple will not cut it…

So, somewhat inevitably, I turned to Pinterest, and started a board.

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 22.12.32

Bear in mind that they break up tomorrow, and I have five, no, actually, 6, to make, and I can’t buy anything new to make them with (due to my soon to be ending Make Do and Mend Year!), so most of the pins are quick, easy, and made with stuff you might have hanging around (like food).
Last year, I think we peaked a little early with a version of this, for a teacher who was leaving

crayon pic


but this year, I am thinking cookies in a jar.

Hope this helps some of you if you are in a similar predicament.


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