White Chocolate and Nectarine Scones

white chocolate nectarine tinned peach scones

I’m a recent convert to scones. I love how few ingredients they take but yet you can dump alsorts into them and end up with fantastic flavour. (I will admit to having a few scone disasters along the way)

I made these for a scone evening we held a couple of weeks ago at our WI (I know how to live eh?). I used my basic scones recipe and intended on chucking 2 nectarines and a large handful of white chocolate chunks in. What I didn’t bank on was my husband eating one of the scones! So I opened a tin of peaches and added 5 segments of tinned peach instead. I actually think they turned out better because of the added sugar from the syrup and the added moisture with them being tinned.

The recipe for a basic scone mixture can be found here I did however add 1 egg to the mixture.

Some tips for getting the most out of your scones that I have learnt along the way …

* When they say ‘don’t over knead your scones’ , they actually mean ‘hardly mix the ingredients together at all’. I could still see specs of butter that hadn’t quite mixed in and they were fine.

* Scones hardly rise at all so make them round about the size that you want them to be.

* Dip your scone cutter in flour EVERY TIME you cut one out and DO NOT TWIST as you cut.

* You really don’t need to bother brushing the top of these with egg mixture. Save yourself a job.

I ended up cooking these at 170C for 14 minutes as they are quite moist. You will just get a feel for when they are done. I don’t bother cutting them and spreading anything on them as they are flavoursome enough – I suppose if you were desperate to make them prettier, you could half them and dip half of them in melted white chocolate?

As per usual, Pinterest has a multitude of scone goodness – I’ve compiled some on my Scone Pinterest Board


3 thoughts on “White Chocolate and Nectarine Scones

  1. I keep meaning to make scones so seeing this I think I may give it a go! Not sure i can get away with switching it to gluten-free though but may try or I will have to watch the others and just drool!

  2. White Chocolate & Nectarine scones……….. OH.EM.GEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Two of my mostest favouritest ingredients in all the world!!! So trying this – great tips too. Thanks hun! xx

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