Weekly Cooking Roundup #1

The past two weeks I felt a little better {I have been struggling for weeks with a mystery illness that we still have yet to figure out} so I actually got back into my kitchen and started cooking/baking again.

So instead of giving you one recipe this week I decided to give you 3!

… Oh you are so welcome!I’m not going to physically write out the recipe’s to all, but I will include a link in the picture so this post isn’t 4 pages long!

Let’s start with a new recipe that I found. I was looking on Pinterest for quick biscuit recipes. I found one that only needed 2 ingredients so I gave it a go:

biscuitsThey look delicious don’t they!

The next thing I cooked was Cowboy Casserole. It was a quick favorite in our house. I have made it a few times and the plates are clean every time. I must warn you that it doesn’t look like 5 star meal, but I haven’t met someone that doesn’t like it!

Cowboy Casserole

The last recipe of the roundup is Cinnamon-Sugar Donuts. These are delicious! They take no time at all and the kids loved them. The best part about them is you can top them in so many different ways!

Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

Now if you step back you will realize that I gave you a great meal with biscuits for dipping and dessert. That wasn’t a mistake 😉

I hope you have time to try at least one of these delicious meals. If you do please email me at MomofTwosalums@hotmail.com with a pic. I would love to add it to my Viewer’s Pic section.

Also checkout my FB page to ask me questions, find out what I’m working on or see when I will posting.



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