Are you coming to Crochet Camp?

crochet-camp2I’m really looking forward to the start of Crochet Camp, which is running from 15th July to 9th August and is a virtual online gathering of crochet folks coming together to create some fun crochet projects and offer support and inspiration along the way.

It is the creation of Kat Goldin who blogs at Slugs on the Refrigerator, which if you haven’t come across previously is a must add to your Bloglovin reader.

There are a number of small projects and you can buy all the materials as a kit or as I will be doing using it as an opportunity to use up some of the toppling over stash. There is no application needed or any cost if you aren’t buying the kit, just a great opportunity to find some like minded folk if crochet is your thing.


If you would like to join up with Crochet Camp you can find all the information here.

So who’s in? Say hello and I can look out for you over on the Facebook Group for the camp.

Cara Donovan Signature.


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