It can’t have escaped your notice that it’s very fashionable to re-use and re-cycle at the moment. This is one trend I completely love and our home is filled with vintage treasures that don’t just look good but are useful too.

My absolute favourite is our 1960s kitchen cupboard, now used to store my craft stash. We inherited the cupboard from my father in law and after a quick sand and lick of paint it looks brilliant.

This weekend we transformed a wooden pallet into a planter for the garden. It was surprisingly quick and easy and the children are really happy with their mini garden.

wooden pallet planter

We’ve upcycled an old wooden box into washi tape storage, re-used vintage egg cups as pincushions, re-purposed a vintage type drawer to display our collection of Lego minifigs and added vintage decals to my daughters vintage dolly bed. As you can probably tell, I really love giving old things new life and there’s tons of inspiration out there: from blogs, to Pinterest and Reloved magazine, which I recently discovered in Waitrose.

The tag line of the magazine is ‘the creative guide to upcycling’ and this issue has a focus on putting the chic into your shabby furniture, home decor and clothes as well as contributions from the lovely Kirstie Allsopp, Pearl Lowe and Annie Sloan. I have a copy of Reloved magazine to giveaway over on my blog and entry is really easy, so please pop on over and take a look!

jenny gingerbread


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