Fast Pretty Vase

We’ve had some washi tape love from Jenny previously and I’ve been prettifying everything but the children with it recently.

One of the easiest but probably most effective things is a recycled jar.

Take one jar out of the recycle box, wash it throughly and if you have any really difficult glue to remove try nail polish remover.

Washi vase 1

Start with one of your tapes in the middle of the jar, trying to ensure that you stay central as you go round. You can peel back and reposition the tape to get it accurate. Position the next ones either side of your first one and keep going until you have enough of the vase covered as you would like. Ta-da, sit back and admire.

Washi vase 2

Stick some flowers in admire some more. Wouldn’t that make a great alternative to a traditional bouquet of flowers, much cheaper too.Washi vase 3 Washi vase 4



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