Friendship bracelets for toddlers

We’ve recently taken part in a book exchange which involved picking a favourite book and coming up with some crafts and craft materials to go alongside it. We chose Up and Down by Oliver Jeffers which has a strong theme of friendship.

As usual I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration and found some great penguin crafts (the story is about a boy and a penguin). As well as these we included supplies to make a dream catcher and a friendship bracelet.

Yesterday the toddler and I had a go at making our own friendship bracelets. They were simple but fun. You will need : paper straws, scissors and bakers twine.

First measure around your wrist and cut a piece of the bakers twine, adding a couple more centimeters which will give you room to knot the bracelet. Cut the straws into small pieces, about 1 centimetre long, and thread your chosen colours.

friendship braceletWhen you have enough pieces knot your string.

friendship bracelet (1)There you have your toddler-friendly friendship bracelet. My 3 year old enjoyed it so much we made them for everyone in the family!

jenny gingerbread


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