Teacher Thank You

It’s on the horizon – the end of the school year and the promise of a blissful summer making wonderful Pinterest crafts with the kids (well we can dream…)

However, before we get to the Enid Blyton summer, we need to think about the thank you cards/gifts for the plethora of teachers, assistants etc from the children’s classrooms.

One of the most popular posts on my blog is from last summer when we got the whole class to contribute their thumb-prints to a thank you gift for one of the teacher’s who was retiring.

Blog Thumbprint Tree1You can find all the resource links and instructions over here.  This year I’m also going to use this idea as a small thank you card. Reducing the size of the tree print to fit a greeting card blank and getting my children to put all their own thumbprints on the branches, rather than the whole class.

I’m on the look out for some nice small gift ideas that don’t cost the earth and are quite useful. I can imagine that teachers leave school on the last day weighed down by twenty ‘best teacher’ mugs and more chocolate than Thorntons.

I like this idea, which is originally a bridesmaid thank you gift but would be a lovely token gift for a teacher.

Do you have any tried and tested gifts that you would like to share? Leave a link or comment for us to check out.



2 thoughts on “Teacher Thank You

  1. I love the picture, it’s fab:) I think I will be adopting the idea re a card too!! Been thinking about adapting the kids fathers day present, a jar full of paper hearts saying why they love him. Could have a jar of hearts with why you are a great teacher.

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