Blackboard jar labels

Sometimes I think Pinterest is bad for my health as I often pin something I can’t resist making straight away! My latest little craft project might just be one of my quickest turnarounds ever. One day last week I pinned a picture, ordered some craft supplies and yesterday sat down and crafted. Fortunately this was a straight forward task and now the world is my oyster.

I use recycled Bonne Maman jars for storing craft supplies. I just love those jars as they feel and look good quality and hold a surprising amount. I have a line of jars which I wanted to label but not in a permanent way as I often change the contents.

I purchased a couple of sheets of A4 blackboard self adhesive vinyl from a well known auction site, traced a circle around a jar, cut it out, peeled off the backing and placed it onto the glass jar. The blackboard vinyl can be written on with chalk, wiped off and used again. It’s brilliant!

blackboard labels So far I’ve only labelled my craft jars but I’m also going to label my extensive Kilner jar collection as they contain all my flours and sugars for baking. I love being organised!jenny gingerbread



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