Sea shells

A couple of weeks ago we visited an amazing beach on a beautiful day. We really wanted to capture something of the day so collected a pocketful of sea shells to take away.

I’ve never crafted with sea shells before so had a quick look on Pinterest. There are some great ideas but were all a little complicated and polished for us!

We went the simple route, washed and dried the shells and found some bakers twine. A lot of the shells had natural holes in them so we chose our favourite shell and threaded it with the twine. A very simple necklace!

shell necklaceWe also wanted to try making a shell mobile. We used nylon thread to attach the shells to a strong stick. It didn’t photograph very well so here’s the before shot:

shell mobileWe really enjoyed playing with the shells. There were so many different ones that we all learned something!

My name is Jenny and I also blog at the gingerbread house


One thought on “Sea shells

  1. Fill a small clear glass jar with pretty shells and tiny pebbles picked up on the beach, and stand it on your bathroom windowsill – Looks great with the sun shining through and brings back memories every time you go in the bathroom.

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