Clean Summer Fun – Bubble Snakes

It’s arrived – the sun!

We’ve got the paddling pool out, let’s hope it isn’t too premature and the sunshine lasts.

This sudden change in weather had me having a look on Pinterest for some water play ideas. There are lots of brilliant pins, some rather complicated involving pegboards, hoses and bottles and then some that are so simple, it makes you wonder why you haven’t seen it before.

One that I really liked was bubble snakes from housing a forest, all it needs is an empty water or drinks bottle, and old sock that has lost its mate, and elastic band, a bowl and some washing up liquid.

Bubble snake 2Cut the bottom off the fruit shoot bottle, pull the sock up over it, secure with the elastic band. Dip the sock in the washing up liquid (and a bit of water) solution.

Bubble snake 1All you do then is slowly blow and the bubble snake emerges. I forgot to get photographs of the little ones playing with this, so enlisted the 18 year old before she hot footed it off to London. She enjoyed it nearly* as much as the 4 and 9 year old although she wouldn’t have admitted it.

One of the extra fun elements you can add to this is add various drops of food colouring to the damp sock and the snake becomes a rainbow of colours.

Two minutes to assemble = hours** of fun!

*she just thinks I’m mad

**maybe half an hour?

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