Coronation crafts

Did you know that today we’re celebrating the 60th anniversary of The Queen’s Coronation? Back in June 1953 the Coronation took place in Westminster Abbey in front of 8000 guests. An estimated 27 million watched at home on television.

I thought this was a great occasion to mark with a crafty session so my toddler and I tried a couple of things we saw on Pinterest.

Our favourite has to be cardboard crowns made from toilet roll tubes which were a great success. Quick, easy and fun.

toilet-roll-crownWe also made crown-shaped biscuits but I’m afraid they didn’t last long enough to get iced (or photographed).

Then we tried making salt dough crowns but I have to admit that my dough failed to form and we were left with a very sticky mess. The toddler was not impressed and is currently playing with his shop-bought dough!

There are plenty of other crafts you can do relating to the Coronation. How about making some delicious Queen cakes or a felt crown in red, white and blue? Check out my updated Jubilee love Pinterest board for more inspiration.


My name is Jenny and I blog over at the gingerbread house.


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