Pinterest Round Up No.5 {Garden camp out}

It’s coming up towards the end of May which means it’s Summer, yes?!

Well, the amount of clothing I have on at the moment isn’t particularly Summery but I live in hope.

And I like to look ahead.

And hope that Summer is just sitting round the corner waiting to poke out its huge shiny head so I can dream of getting out in the garden with the kiddies and doing some of this….

Garden campout

Garden cinema

Garden campout

Sleep out

Garden campfire

So, who fancies sleeping under the stars in their back garden this summer?

All the above images can be found on my Love Camping Pinterest board from where the original source of image can be located.


2 thoughts on “Pinterest Round Up No.5 {Garden camp out}

  1. Me, if we can in the garden be it in a tent I always leave the door thingy open and lie with our heads out looking at the stars before settling down. These are gorgeous, we just had to take down our climbing platform thing that we built, that used to have blankets and sheets hung over to make a Summer den. I want those times back again, easy relaxed Summer time at its best x x x

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