Lemon Moscato Cake

I am very excited about this… I cheated a little but you will wonder why we didn’t think of it before!

My favorite wine is a Moscato. Its nice and sweet and goes especially good with a NY summer night. My wonderful husband bought me a bottle for mother’s day (Here in the states it wasn’t until mid May.) I had a craving for lemon cake and it hit me… why not just replace the water with a cup of wine???

I used a simple boxed cake and substituted the oil greek yogurt. Use the same ratio as oil so it will be an even substitute. Then instead of using a cup of water I used a cup of Moscato wine.

I was a little hesitant because I thought that it would come out to “wet” or “runny,” but… it is amazing! I have had two pieces already.

I am not a huge icing fan so I paired it with a few fresh strawberries instead. You could always do a lemon glaze or buttercream icing.Moscatocake

If you don’t have Moscato then use a nice sweet white wine. It should do the trick.

Please let know if you try this! Send me a pic if you make it so I can put it on my Viewer Pic section. You can find my blog here and my FB page here (please like it if you visit.)


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