I LOVE buttons! In fact, who doesn’t love buttons…?!

Here is my Top 10 list of things to make with lovely buttons:

  • Coasters
    How about these quirky woven button coasters? Complete with a how-to from Linda Permann at Craft Stylish

  • Bowls
    There are quite a few ‘button bowls’ on Pinterest, but most have them have very vague instructions-this is the best tutorial I have found-from Kumquat and Junebug. Go on, give it a go…

  • Christmassy things
    Christmas is coming. Well, not really, but you can never start too early…..So here is the obligatory wreath like this one from Craftapalooza

  • Cushions
    You can use buttons to embellish cushions in all sorts of different ways.
    A variation on the monogram frames is to make a mongrammed cushion like this one here from Better Homes and Gardens

  • Lampshades
    I really like this lampshade from She Dreams Big-there is no how-to but I guess it is reasonably self-explanatory, you just need a LOT of time and patience and buttons..

  • Stamps
    You can make some fun stamps to print buttons onto cards and gift tags a la Martha Stewart (I can’t find the link on the website anymore, but they look pretty straightforward-botton+cork+glue gun…)

  • Magnets/pins
    I recently made some fridge magnets using scrabble pieces and old buttons-it is easy peasy, you can read all about it here

Now if that little lot doesn’t inspire you to go and raid your Granny’s button tin, then nothing will!

And just in case you want some more ideas, here is the link to my Pinterest Buttons board!


4 thoughts on “Buttons…!

  1. Fantastic ideas for buttons! I’ve just inherited a huge box full of buttons from my family so this has given be lots of ideas for projects to make 😀 thanks!

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