10 (almost Free) things to do with Kids this Summer!

Can you tell I’ve just returned from a weekend away at the beach? Cornwall to be exact. Yes, I’m already scouring Rightmove to see if we can live there. I FELL.IN.LOVE.

It got me thinking about how focused my children are on technology. I know the weather is against us most of the time, BUT I didn’t see one child on a phone/tablet/x-box once over the weekend. There has GOT to be other, HEALTHY things for our kids to do. With 6 weeks of summer hols looming, I’m getting my act together now .. so I present you with..

10 (almost FREE) things to do with the kids this summer!



I drew this on my 7 year olds hand a couple of weeks ago, and it kept her entertained for nearly an hour! Simple, but she loved it! Draw a trampoline and a stick man as shown, then move your hand to make the man jump!



T-Shirt bangles – my teen will love making these!



Fun pegs – the possiblities are endless! I suppose you could do these with paper, felt, card… whatever you have lying around!



Books…. I LOVE to read. I love to visit the library. I LOVE the smell of new books. I know – that’s a bit weird. I really need to set an example to my sprogs and put the laptop away and read more books. It’s ON my summer bucket list. ON.



Make ‘Sky’ cocktails. Blue jelly and whipped cream. DONE.



Make a fairy garden…. awesomeness. ’nuff said.



Have a water fight. We’ve had SO much fun running around the garden on hot summer days, each armed with a plastic water gun from Poundland. Fun, Fun, Fun.


Start writing to a penpal. Remember the excitement of receiving a letter from the postman? A REAL, handwritten letter? This wonderful idea comes from Eighteen25 – a Penpal kit to send to your penfriend. Too cute!

You know you’re a 90’s kid when……..


Do it. YouTube it. Learn it. Teach the kids.



Toddler Approved Balloon Tennis. Plastic knife, balloon, paper plate – bash around the garden. You may NEED a water fight to cool off after this one.

I hope you’ve been inspired to have some good, wholesome, cheap, healthy fun this summer – what are your plans? Have you written a blog post on Summer Fun? Leave your link in the comments section if you have, we’d love to check it out.

Here’s hoping we have a Summer filled with lots and lots of Sunshine !

Happy Monday!

Kerry x


4 thoughts on “10 (almost Free) things to do with Kids this Summer!

  1. Fantastic fantastic list. I know what I will be drawing on my hands later, let alone the kids!!! I was picked a few dead fern leaves out of Oz’s dinosaur garden yesterday, the dinosaurs have long moved out but the ferns come back every Spring. Bex loved her fairy gardens complete of course with shells from the beach. As they grew up near the beach our things for doing for free would be big sand art. Thomas the Tank engine and Clifford the big red dog was often spotted at beaches near by!!! Of course add to that sand sculptures, rock pooling, shell seeking, a bit of belly boarding and the beach is full of free stuff to do once you paid for parking!!!

    Have I sold you my house yet ? 😉

  2. Great ideas Kerry. I have the grandkids for a day here and there over the hols and always have to come up with something new. Ages range from eight to 12 (one boy, two girls) so your ideas are being added to my list. Some are so simple – drawing on the hand for example – but I know all three of them (and maybe their grown-up cousins!) will enjoy that one! Thanks a lot.

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