Dress A Girl Around the World

You may not know this, but fellow Pinaddicts Crew member Louise (aka Sew Scrumptious) is the UK co-ordinator for a charity called Dress A Girl Around the World.

The idea behind the charity is that people make simple pillowcase dresses which are then delivered to girls living in poverty in the developing world. Girls in countries like Uganda, Rwanda, Haiti and India. The charity feels that every girl should own at least one pretty dress.The simple act of making a dress from a pillowcase (or other fabric) can have profound implications for the girls who receive them:

  • It gives them some dignity
  • It shows them that they are worthy of love
  • And it helps protect them from predators-if they are wearing a good quality dress with the Dress a Girl label on the outside, this indicates that an organization is looking after them and just maybe a predator will pass them over.

This Saturday, I got together with a fellow crafter and we organised a sewing day making dresses for the Dress A Girl Around the World Project.
We had the most amazing day! I was astounded at the number of people who turned out and gave up their precious time to make dresses. And we made 34 altogether!

Here are some pictures:

Supplies at the ready....

Supplies at the ready….

The first finished dress!

The first finished dress!

Big smiles!

Big smiles!

Great job girls!

Great job girls!

The finished dresses-we ran out of hangers and space-but there are 34 there!

The finished dresses-we ran out of hangers and space-but there are 34 there!

In case you want to have a go too, all of the information you need is on the Sew Scrumptious blog. There is more information about the charity and some links to patterns here, the armhole templates are here, and the pattern instructions that we were using on Saturday were from are from an article Louise wrote for Simply Homemade magazine and are here!

PS. I realise this is nothing to do with Pinterest, but why not pin the dresses on to your Pinaddicts Challenge board, and then make one for this months Challenge…!







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