Washi tape love

Like many others I have fallen under the spell of washi tape. In fact I like it so much I even built a little storage/display case for it from an old wooden box. It’s fair to say I have a few rolls but it’s so pretty I hardly ever want to use it.

I probably don’t need to tell you I have a Pinterest board for my washi tape inspiration. I wanted to decorate some wrapping paper for my niece. She asked for a really hideous present (Stompeeze slippers) so I needed to make the paper look good to compensate for the contents!

There are some great ideas of Pinterest, one of which I’ve tried before, so last night I got out my washi tape, wrapped the present in brown paper and got to work.

My niece is going to be nine so I added nine washi tape candles and drew on flames with a black pen. Simple but cute, I hope she likes it!

washi tape wrapping paper

My name is Jenny and I also blog over at the gingerbread house.


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